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Montgomery Sports Network Viewing Tips

While we would love to have hard line high speed internet in the pressboxes of each of the locations we visit, most of the time it is not an option. Our free-to-view live TV broadcasts rely on the quality of cellular internet service providers at these locations.  If the internet bandwidth is too low, the quality of the viewable broadcast will degrade. We have noticed at times where there is only one cellular tower servicing a stadium (and the stadium is full of spectators) the internet is almost ununsable. We do record the games in HD and update our onDemand copy for later viewing at a better quality. Viewing Montgomery Sports Network broadcasts are very easy from our website myMGMsports.com. View on Computer, Tablet, Cell Phone as well as Roku and Amazon Fire TV via YouTube. Our broadcasts may be viewed on many other parter websites around the River Region of Alabama.

Most important is your internet connection.  It's the main factor in how well your viewing experience will be.  If you have a solid 4G, DSL or Cable Modem internet connection on your computer, device, phone or TV, you should have no issues viewing.  If you have poor/slow internet or a poor/slow wi-fi connection, your video will most-likely "buffer", frequently starting and stopping.  We recommend the Google Chrome browser as our browser of choice to provide the greatest security and ease of viewing of our broadcasts.  Since most devices are set to automatically select the best feed for your type of connection, you generally don't have to do anything, but if you do experience a large amount of buffering, you may wish to step down to a lower bitrate (like 480p) feed instead of the standard 720p HD feed. 

Our streams are tested on IOS and Andriod devices as well as ROKU and Amazon Fire TV settop (OTT) boxes.

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